Allen's Organizations

Allen Chapel consists of numerous organizations. Please take a moment to discover the vital role that each organizations serves at Allen by clicking on the organization's name.

Stewards   The Stewards conduct the spiritual and temporal business of the church.
Trustees   The Trustees manage, maintain, and develop the Church property.
Lay Organization   The Lay get the membership of the local Church involved in spiritual and political areas of the A.M.E. Church
Women's Missionary Society   The WMS provides youth training programs for all areas of Church life.
Young People's Department   The YPD is a division of the WMS and provides youth training in all areas of Church life.
Ushers   The Users manage the "doorway" of the Church and greet all those entering to participate in the service.
Daughter's of Allen   The Daughters of Allen teach the young females of the Church God's word and encourage them to help other women find Christ in their lives.
Choir and Musicians   The Choir provides spiritual uplifting during the Church service through music.
Stewardess   The Stewardess provide the sacred elements of the Holy Communion and Baptisms, dress the pulpit and alter for Christian occasions.
Alter Guild   The Alter Guild keeps the Sanctuary clean and prepares the Lord's Table for the Holy Communion.
Church School   The Church School teaches and trains adults, teenagers, and children in God's word.
Men of Allen   The Men of Allen seek to advance the spiritual and collaborative nature of the men of Allen and the community,



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